Sierra & Spencer
Our photo session with Anna was a highlight of our trip! We met her on a quiet early morning by the Eiffel Tower. She was so kind and directive throughout the shoot making us feel comfortable and allowed our true nature to shine through the photos. The morning was so pleasant with her and the finished product we are so happy with! She expertly captured our personalities and love in a flattering and chic way. The quality of the photos and editing far exceeded my expectations! We will cherish these photos forever! Thank you for your talent, professionalism, and warmth Anna! We will definitely be back to paris and hopefully shoot with you again soon!
Anna, thank you very much! Photos are wonderful and not only in terms of quality. You could see us real. A rare photographer can do this. So many different emotions and everything is shown from a good angle. You're professional I have no doubt.
Anna est une photographe incroyable! Très professionnelle, photos exceptionnelles, tu as fait de nous des stars! Merci ma belle Anna pour ton travail.
I was so lucky to met Anna in Paris and to work with her for different photo shoots. She adores her job and she is very attentive to every detail that make the whole image at the end just marvelous! Every time we met time just passed by laughing, making fun and enjoying the shooting: I was feeling completely comfortable from our first meeting! Anna is very easy-going and cheerful person, it's pure pleasure to work with you, thank you!
Rozelaine and Deejay
Deejae and I wanted to personally thank you for taking time in your day to come out early morning and take our photos.  Nonetheless, take further time to edit the photos.  We really made the right choice in having you take our photos and capturing this special moment in our lives. We are forever thankful!

We are so beyond thrilled with how the photos turned out.  Who knew that he and I can be in photos that looked like that!  The outcome totally surpassed our expectations and we are in love with them. We literally cannot stop looking over the photos.

What we loved most about it is how you were able to capture each moment leading up to the proposal.  Each time I look at the photos, its as if I relive those moments.  Every laugh, every tear, every butterfly that I felt at that moment, I am able to relive in the photos.  Which makes it that much more special.  Im sure each person that sees the photos feels the love as well.

We thank you again, and hope that in the future we can maybe come back to Paris take more photos. I took a look at your social media and your photos are stunning!  In that hour that we were able to connect, I think you are such an awesome person with such a great heart.  I wish you all the luck in life, love, and success.
I spent the past summer studying, living, and falling in love with Paris. Having special photos to capture that moment in my life is something I will always cherish! I was very fortunate to locate Anna as my photographer. Anna is extremely professional and talented at what she does. During the shoot she made me feel very comfortable and at ease. It was like hanging out with a friend as we explored the city that we love! I know when I return to Paris I will be contacting Anna again. Merci, Anna!
Alina & Loïc
We were lucky to make photoshoot with Anna.During just short time we visited the most beautiful and romantic places in Paris and made great pictures. She is very professional and she has positive vibes,which help us to relax in front of camera and to show our true emotions .She was very friendly and in fact we just there and had fun, she made all job for us!it was incredible !we are very grateful and happy about the result of our shooting ,which will be a great memory about our love and time in Paris!we are lucky ,that met such a talented photographer and interesting person.thank you ,Anna!
Katie & Drew
Our session with Anna during our trip to Paris is something we will never forget. She was fun, kind and made us feel more than comfortable. Her talent speaks for itself. We appreciate her professionalism and ease of communication before we left on our trip and while in Europe. We absolutely love our pictures and will cherish that memory forever. Thank you!
Anna est une jeune femme dynamique, patiente , professionnelle et sait parfaitement s'adapter à vos envies et volontés. Un agreable shooting en sa compagnie...experience à renouveller sans aucune hésitation... Yannick
Ekaterina Zissis
Shooting est super sympa ! Anna est génial comme photographe et en plus ambiance amicale et agréable ! On a passé une journée magnifique à Nice !! Merci encore et j'espère on va avoir encore plein de photos avec toi
Yuliya Trufanova
I'm so in love with my photos made by Anna. Shooting was great, full of fun and amazing atmosphere. Working with such professional is always a pleasure. It was a nice walk in beautiful Paris which turned with such cool photos! Thank you so much, I wish we do something interesting in future again. Merci, Anna!
Hélène & Rémi
Super expérience lors du shooting photo avec Anna Yakovleva. Son professionnalisme, son expérience et sa passion sont 3 éléments clés qui ont fait que bien que débutants, nous avons passé un super moment (ce qui n'était pas évident quand on a pas l'habitude.) Le rendu des photos est au dessus de notre espérance, je ne peux que la recommander et la féliciter pour le travail qu'elle a réalisée!
Harriet et Jean-Noël
Nous avons été époustouflés par la qualité des photos qu'a prises d'Anna. Son professionnalisme nous a impressionnés. Elle a réussi à retranscrire la journée sans être intrusive, à avoir des photos intimistes sans se faire voir. Grâce à Anna nous aurons toujours l'impression que le baptême de notre fille n'était qu'hier! Merci!
Polina Polevych-Destinay
On a passé avec Anna la journée pleine de découvertes et des conversations agréables. Pendant le tournage Anna m'a bien rassuré parce que au début j'étais confuse(que je trouve normale si tu n'es pas une modèle))). Elle peut trouver une façon unique et ça compte fort au travail avec les gens. Quand j'ai reçu les photos.... c'était une nouvelle surprise pour moi parce que j'ai trouvé les choses que j'ai jamais remarqué dans moi-même.. C'est une sensation magnifique et je veux bien remercier Anna pour ça. J’espère de cotravailler avec toi au futur ;) et garde ta sensation de moment que tu enregistres pour nous faire heureux.